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Card Valoric - Artizthick Dance Studio

București Ateliere & Școli

Artizthick is more than just a dance studio, or artist workspace. It’s our home away from home.
We made the center with the idea of an always evolving environment in mind – a one stop ‘shop’ that fulfills different needs, be it working on your skills, shopping for gear, studying materials or just relaxing and socialising with your peers.

All of us at the center are artists. We’re also experienced professionals in our fields. The blending of the two is what allows us to build our own vision of a healthy creative environment and make sure it works.

40 Lei / card
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Artizthick is first of all an idea – the idea of materialising your ideas.
We believe one of the most important things you can learn is being creative. For a lot of us, we found the means to do that through Hip-Hop – a universal culture that started in the Bronx, growing up to shape the world. Why? Among other things, because we think it has an uplifting philosophy and healthy principles that push you to become your best version. And because we love it.

Second, it’s a collective.
For most of us, our work is our life. There’s no on/off switch. They’re synonymous. Whether it’s dance, music, graphic design or all of the above, it’s a lifestyle.
As a group of artists who are dedicated to their craft, we strive to create a healthy community that has a good foundation. That means developing an environment where you can grow both artistically and personally, while creating opportunities for the scenes we represent.
This is our way of giving back.

Come be a part of something meaningful. You in?


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