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Coffee Package, Coffee & Sweets

București Cafenele & Ceainării

Boiler is about elements coming together into simple yet challenging coffee products. Japanese-style. Clean-cut.

100 Lei / card
Cumpără Card

Belonging to the worldwide specialty coffee community, we’re committed to researching and exploring origins, tastes and flavors in one cup.

Boiler coffee selection includes fresh single-origin coffees grown by farmers from around the world, shifting every month, roasted in local micro-roasteries and poured with crafted Latte Art.

Take your time to explore and understand coffee. Trust your barista, ask questions. We grow together. As well as the coffee world.

Termeni și Condiții
  • Poți folosi cardul chiar tu sau poți să-l dăruiești cuiva drag ție
  • Cardul este valabil 12 luni de la data achiziției