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Card Valoric - DropShot Coffee Roasters

București Cafenele & Ceainării

Local specialty coffee roastery with coffee shop outdoor terrace. Open for public, one can have a fresh roasted coffee and see the full roasting process through the transparent glass walls.

50 Lei / card
Cumpără Card

We are coffee creators. When we look at coffee, we don’t see, we feel. We visit coffee growing origins, we engage with the farmers and processors, we try to understand their culture, their way of living , their local terroir. We cup, we taste, we measure, we score, we debate, but sometimes we stop for a while.
We started doing this because we wanted leave a mark in this world. Our mark is the sensorial experience you sense when you enjoy one of our coffees. And how positive it makes you feel.
This is for us Coffee in Progress, creating delicious coffee for happy people.

Termeni și Condiții
  • Poți folosi cardul chiar tu sau poți să-l dăruiești cuiva drag ție
  • Cardul este valabil 12 luni de la data achiziției