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Card Valoric - Friends of Artichoke

București Cafenele & Ceainării Restaurante

FRIENDS OF ARTICHOKE means you help us out during this difficult time and you get a 15% discount at all our menu products for the next year.


220 Lei / card
Cumpără Card

In the midst of ambiguities and paradoxes, taking Artichoke’s journey further has been nothing but a challenge, however: in our enthusiasm for the analog world, we’ve turned Artichoke Social House into a grocery store with products we love to use both in our signature coffee shop products and our home-cooking. Expect a mix of organic produce, curious ingredients for home-cooking (Asian food lovers, we’re thinking of you), high quality yet affordable essentials, our own selection of spices, herbs and teas, wines we enjoy drinking at home, craft beer and - of course - our signature drinks: White Trash Cola, Cold Brew Tonic (with our house-made tonic water), Cold Brew Cola, Orange & Turmeric juice, Citrus Colada & others. Madison Coffee stays with us, too! Each product is the absolute best we can find or make at the moment.

We basically turn our eyes onto the essential things and highlight the stars of our signature products: the high quality ingredients. We hope to offer an alternative selection to what is already available on the market and fill the gap where there’s a lack of great ingredients that make everyone’s life better and tastier.

Artichoke will therefore carry on as part grocery store, part social house as you’ve come to know it so far. We still serve espresso and espresso with milk + our regular products.

Thank you in advance for your support and see you soon!

Virtual hugs from Artichoke Social House


Termeni și Condiții
  • Poți folosi cardul chiar tu sau poți să-l dăruiești cuiva drag ție
  • Cardul este valabil 12 luni de la data achiziției
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