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Card Valoric - Ostra Berdo

Cluj Producători locali

Deconstruct / Reconstruct

We’re here to make it happen. To prove that upcycling works. That we can have it both ways: make fashion items that look god damn cool while working with used materials and fabric only.

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Not the name of a designer, favorite band, or our grandparents surnames. Instead the name originates from two mountains in Northern Transylvania.
Between them there's a dam and thus a lake. That lake holds a special place in our hearts, it's a place where we used to go when I was a kid. Swimming in the lake, digging in the ground, picking tiny frogs and snail carcasses, dry leaves in the autumn and throwing snowballs in the winter.

Why does this matter? Because, while the mountains are still part of our home's window view each day, it all was the start of Ostra-Berdo as it is today.

Termeni și Condiții
  • Poți folosi cardul chiar tu sau poți să-l dăruiești cuiva drag ție
  • Cardul este valabil 12 luni de la data achiziției